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Research, Consulting & Training

Company Number 8305661, Issued by Companies House Cardiff, UK on 23/11/ 2012





Recent Executive Education

  • Bank valuation and restructuring (Tunisia Ministry of Finance and Central Bank)

  • Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan - Investment Banking

  • Consultancy on listing on stock markets (IPOs): various private firms (names confidential)

  • Goldman Sachs (London) Compliance Department – Principles of Finance

  • ESCA Abu Dhabi (London) Principles of Corporate Finance, Raising Capital

  • CMA (Capital Market Authority, Riyadh KSA) Financial Markets

  • Commercial and International Bank Egypt (Cairo) Corporate Finance

  • Egypt Banking Institute (Cairo) Debt maturity and Banking risks

  • Ahli United Bank, (Bahrain) – Corporate Finance

  • Ecole Superieure de Commerce (Algiers) Corporate Governance and insider trading

  • INSIM (Tizi-Ouzou, Algeria) Corporate governance and raising capital

  • Barclays Bank Executive Program (Catholica University, Lisbon) Corporate Governance

  • Executive MBA, Bank of China, (Shanghai) – Corporate Finance

  • Deloitte (London) - Principles of Finance

  • Lloyds-TSB (London) and PT Commicacoes (Lisbon) Corporate Governance

  • Thales Executives (Paris and London) Corporate Governance and Corporate Finance

  • Global Aviation Underwriting Managers (London) Risk Evaluation

  • Bank of China (London) Capital structure, dividend policy, and corporate restructuring

  • HEC Paris and Swedish CFOs (London) Share repurchases, Corporate restructuring

  • KPMG (London) Event study methodology and Valuation of Intangibles

  • Kemira Group (Haikko, Finland) Managing and measuring business performance

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